About Rashmi Jha

After having done my Masters in Pscychology, I pursued the knowledge of Numerology & Vaastu.

I was always surrounded by these subjects as I am from an ancestral background where Astrology has been practised since past 202 generations. I haved added Numerology to the family tree of astrological knowledge.

It is now over 15 years since I have been consulting on Numerology & Vaastu.

I believe that Numerology is more of a scientific approach to know more about ourselves and unleash the real potential which hides within us. Numbers have a great impact on us and we should always select the right numbers for us. The simplest example is that some lottery numbers hit a jackpot while others dont. If we select the right numbers our personal, professional and financial lives, they smoothen to the required position to give us maximum benefits. Every place has its own energy, and using this energy in the correct way is taught to us by Vaastu. A wrong Vaastu can turn the things topsy turvy while the right can give outstanding results.

At times I have seen that plot has a very good number but results are not so good, the reason is Vastu dosh. All the numbers creates some kind of vibrations in our life. It could be positive or negative, and result can be same either positive or negative,so for our better,harmonious and prosperous like we should surround ourly with those numbers which are lucky for us.