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About Rashmi Jha

After having done my Masters in Pscychology, I pursued the knowledge of Numerology & Vaastu.

I was always surrounded by these subjects as I am from an ancestral background where Astrology has been practised since past 202 generations. I haved added Numerology to the family tree of astrological knowledge.

Business Consultation

The name is the first thing people learn about a business. Marketing and business gurus agree that good business names share several traits. Good names are:

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Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it.

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Vaastu Shastra is a Sanskrit language term combining the words Vaastu, meaning a dwelling or work place, and Shastra, which means a system of science or art.

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Rashmi Jha
Rashmi Jha
Rashmi Jha
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  • I know Rashmi Jha since a very lonnggg time.She is a very Versatile Personality.Apart from being a Fitness Enthusiast..She is a deep-rooted Spiritual Person..an Offspring of a Spiritually Inclined Lineage..so it was very Natural of her to pursue Numerology/Astrology. I have known her calculations to be Astute.. and moreover..as a human being..she is Calm,Composed and Totally Trustworthy.I Wish her Infinite Happiness & Wisdom to spread lottss of Cheers!

    Sanjivv Jotangia
  • "After taking consultancy services from RASHMI JHA I got a sense of peace and harmony. When I enter my house and office I can feel the peace and feel lots of positive energy. From my personal experience I can totally ensure that she is one of the best and is highly recommended."

    Preeti Jhanwar
  • She is a very patient listener, thoughful and practical analyser of all the issues relating to be solved and offered complete solutions to our business company and personal area , which have diligently been implemented by us and its result have started bearing fruit. Even sometimes in the midst of an urgency or for some simple reason , if i have phoned her , she has always been willing to go out her way and advice impromptu. it is a real happy and proud moments for us that we have and are still availaing of her flawless consultations and services we wish her all the best , and definitely recommend her numeroligical and vaastu services to any one / any organisation, that needs to prosper and get rid of their ongoing problems.

    Aadeel J Madon Jasdil Engineering Corporation - CEO
  • A very eminent and versatile personality and pioneer in Vaastu, Numerology and Astrology concepts. She is very calm, good listner, thoughtful and practical analyser. After meeting to Rashmi Jha Madam, I found many of my problems getting fixed, only after following her advise. I completely trust and believe her suggestions / advice given to me. Those are most valuable to me and in my life. She has always helped me to get clear and fast solutions, if any time I called her up on her cell phone during urgency or stuck for some simple reason in my life. I stringently and promptly followed all her advise at my earliest to get fruitful results and returns. I really gained my confidence in my life after meeting Rashmi Jha Madam. Also many of my things in my life, has started working in positive manner. Definitley, I would recommend and refer my close friends, relavtives and others to consult Rashmi Jha to get proper guidance and solution, getting your social, Professional and Personal problems fixed and prosper in life all the way. In my personal view, she is completely trustworthy and highly recommended, to get best and positive results in life.


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